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  concertina sub section
  Concertina covers (or bellows) are the safest and most effective way to protect machine slideways and screws. There are no sliding joints that can wear out or moving metal parts to cause damage to the machine or injury to the operator. Virtually any shape or form of cover can be produced. As every gusset is cut to the finished design, our covers will retain their profile and integrity no matter how harsh the environment. If damage to the cover does occur it can immediately be seen and easily rectified by replacing individual gussets. Experience has shown that fabricated concertina type covers provide the optimum solution. Bellows can be mounted cross-rail, vertically or horizontally. They can also be fabricated to match the profile of your machine.
  Circular concertina bellows are used to protect ball screws, cylinders, rods and shafts. On circular bellows the inside diameter increases rather than decreases as the bellow is extended. When used on hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder rods they offer protection from contaminate ingression. This will prevent the rod scoring and will extend the seal life of the cylinder. Controlling fine or airborne ingression is particularly important on hydraulic cylinders, helping to maintain system fluid cleanliness and extend filter element life.  
  connections sub section  
  Our years of experience working with clients in the materials handling industry has led us to make an adaptation of the concertina cover for use specifically within this field. Typically these are used on hoppers, feeders and conveyors or as exhaust and intake connections. If you require a flexible connection or a joint, just let us know the details and we will be happy to develop a suitable solution for you.  
  roller blinds sub section
We recommend spring roller blinds when space restrictions prevent the use of full concertina covers. They are slightly less protective, however this can be rectified by fitting sheet metal angles on either side of the blind, which protects the slideways and reduces the possibility of swarf etc entering. We can also fit a wiper or brush across the top of the blind, near to the roller, to remove swarf and chippings before the blind rolls up. The robust roller unit is made from steel or high impact polypropylene. It has a heavy-duty return spring and has nylon bushes instead of ball bearings, which give a longer, maintenance-free life. Roller blinds can be supplied with two fixing brackets or, alternatively, enclosed within a steel box. Hot chippings or an extreme build up of chippings can be catered for using armoured blinds or aprons. Narrow strips of aluminium/steel or formed wooden strips are riveted to the blind material. The narrow strips allow heavy-duty protection while maintaining maximum flexibility.
  flat folded sub section
Primarily developed for test or measuring equipment, these lightweight folded covers offer protection to sensitive machinery from contaminate ingression. Applying very little or no resistance to your machine's movement, our unique design has fast become the market leader. Mounted vertically or horizontally, the covers are attached to the machine without drilling or tapping.
  steel telescopic sub section
Our steel telescopic guards are fabricated to the highest precision in a range of steels to suit your requirement. The guards can be mounted cross-rail, vertically or horizontally. Even walk-on covers can be manufactured if required. All of our telescopic guards have front edge wiper strips fitted, which wipe clean the preceding section of the guard. A full range of replacement wiper strips can be supplied ex-stock. Depending on the finished weight of the steel guard, individual sections are supported off the ways by nylon or brass runners. The heavier guards are fitted with rollers to provide ease of movement.
  guard refurbishment sub section
Returning your old guard to new condition is our speciality. Repairing or replacing individual sections or any other damaged component enables a cost-effective and quick turn-around of your guard.
  robot sub section
Increasingly expensive technology demands the very best protection available. We have worked with most of the major robotic system manufacturers. We have gained a wealth of expertise and experience covering robots in the packaging, automotive and aerospace industries. Many robot covers can be supplied simply by informing us of the manufacturer and model number.