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  Machine Covers is dedicated to the design and manufacture of practical and cost effective techniques for the protection of increasingly high technology and expensive production machinery.
  Each of our covers is individually designed and manufactured to suit your particular needs. At our works in Bisley, Gloucestershire, we produce the entire requirement, from design to completion. With almost 40 years of experience Machine Covers has gained expertise in all areas of cover technology. Our client list includes leading companies in fields as diverse as agriculture, robotics and the nuclear industry. From the rugged requirements of mining to the precision demands of aerospace, our rigorous standards of design and product quality are known throughout.
  The materials used in flexible cover construction have been meticulously developed to provide long service and reliability. Most of our materials have a nylon base fabric that is coated in neoprene, polyurethane or PVC. The nylon base fabric offers excellent strength, durability and tear resistance while allowing unequalled flexibility and retention of form. Whether your requirement is to seal something in or to keep something out, we have a material in stock to do the job, however extreme the environment.
  Most of our flexible covers have sewn and cemented joints. For other applications where watertight or airtight covers are required, we use welded, polyurethane-coated nylon. Our welded covers combine the aesthetic appearance of a moulded bellow with the strength and durability found only in nylon-based fabrics. On measuring or test machines we produce lightweight folded covers. For machines at the other end of the spectrum we make steel telescopic guards - the repair of existing steel guards is our speciality. Where space is limited we recommend roller blinds.